The Banderhoob had a bounty on Ashen

We had a fun afternoon planned, training with the Kuo Toa. Instead, Giant Frogs and Giant Toads jumped out and attacked Ashen. Lazarus the Necromancer placed a bounty on Ashen’s head and the Banderhoob tried to collect. The Banderhoob thought the Kuo-Toa would help him in his nasty business, but they didn’t. They were not inclined to help him, especially after the archpriest scryed his intentions and discovered his truth.

Gundigoot wonders if the adventurers will ever return with his brandy

Today, Florian Nightmantle and Tobias Moonshadow arrived in Obsidian Bay. The City Guard informed Florian that his uncle, who was the last of his family, was killed recently. Florian’s uncle was killed saving lives in the Orc Hunter’s Guild fire. The fire was started by a mysterious goblin that was able to immolate himself at will. The two new adventurers met Gundigoot and he invited them into the Welcome Wench for Goodberry mead and the best biscuits and gravy in Obsidian Bay.
Gundigoot convinced Cain to get the adventurers to invade the Goblin Hole in order to change the somber mood. Cain knew what to do. He offered the new adventurers a hook and they took it. The entire bar emptied out, and 6 people were enroute to the goblin hole.

Gundigoot watched them leave, wondering if they would ever finish the mission he had asked them to do for him 4 months ago. Would someone please save his brandy from the bandits?