Once a happy little girl with a loving mother and father, things were great… Up until her father left to be a adventure leaving her and her mother all alone to defend. As the years gone by, her mother had gotten ill causing Troy to be more alone in her life… until one day she met someone, a so called imaginary friend named ‘Broth’. She enjoyed spending time with him until one day he said he had to leave her forever, she didn’t want to lose anyone else so she begged for a way for him to stay, only to be given a contract… for him to be with her forever and to be strong enough to protect those she loved, she signed without a second thought only to find out this “Imaginary Friend” was actually a demon looking for a soul to steal, and to find out the contact is one for her soul…. in exchange for her soul after death, he will gift her the power of a warlock. This curse ringed heavy on her even more on her downward spiral known as her life. She learned to train a bit with this demonic like powers and allowed her to survive even after her mother died of her illness. Than on her 25th birthday, she was given a letter which detailed her fathers location and a new home for her…. Obsidian Bay.