The screech of vulture echoes across bubbling of tarpit, air heavy with death as if your soul is being pulled from you. off in the distance the hum in a village nestled in Thesk Mountains.A Child crying with hunger. This was Thorgath Flintcook. a Bell rings out, Is the village under attack, or could it be a chieftain from other village. No none of these were it. It was dinner the bell the child grinned with joy as no other sound was as important to him. as he was alone. quick run be it’s all gone. he rounds the corner see the tent. what’s this no one is in line. he first. but wait he’s never first. jumping in first of the tent eagerly waiting to be served. he holds his only possession a bowl fashioned out of skull. Suddenly his head is gripped. fingers pressing hard to skull. pain erupts as blood drips from is eye. His he going to be crushed. slowing turning he see the Captain of the village. He bolstered back of the line rut. as he’s violently throw to ground. Look like its going to another meal less night. Thorgath slow wanders in to maybe he can find something. oh look bit of this and bit of that few mushroom, ah let shimmer. fast forward 10 year Thorgath found his one true love cooking. The only skill use to the village. As Thorgath cant hunt. Thorgath too loud and slow. he can’t be a shaman as he is slow to think. he can’t fight as he is too afraid even though he stands above all Goliath. one day other chieftain (Nanak Stronghunter) comes to the village as Thorgath chieftain (Pakin Goatwatcher)shows him the village they stop by Thorgath’s ten to eat as Thorgath’s is the best cook in the village. Nanak trying to bolstered about his villages’ food. spilts the food on the ground what slop in front of Thorgath. I would not feed this to the pigs. Even though its the best he had ever tasted. Thorgath seeing this instant lost in rage. with 2 pans in his hand slams them together. a ring sets out though the village as the chieftain headless corpse drops to the ground. Thorgath jumps on top screaming as he pounds his fist crushing the dead chieftain’s chest. Thorgath cook you eat you like. his village chieftain know he must be exiled.