Deep in the bowel of the Underdark, sits the city Blingdenstone. A small town with around 9000s gnomes located about 45 miles west of drow city Menzoberranzan in the Upperdark under the Silver Marches. Air feels heavy and smells stale. The ring of pickaxes echo out as they hit stone. Off to the side of the street stands temple made of marble with jewels and gold works set in the floor. In the center of the square you see several large stones. Across from the temple is the Foaming Mug tavern old wood building made of whatever boards they could have found. Past the square you see smaller buildings carved smoothly into the stone with blue, green, and violet faerie fire lanterns in front of them. They are stacked one on top of another all the way to the top carven.

One day the ground stared to shake but it wasn’t an earthquake, suddenly dozens of bebilith demons swarmed over the makeshift wall. Aggressive slaughtering any gnome they see. On that day around 9,000 gnomes lost their life. The survivors fled to tunnel leading to the Silver Marches. As Mellif was being dragged by his mother he looked back to see hooded figure walking in the middle of the bebiliths. The bebiliths took great care to avoid this hooded figure as if death himself was walking. A Few years later the remaining gnome returned to Blingdenstone. Only to find a group drows scavengers running out the temple. Their eyes quickly dart to the gnomes, One say something in elven as the others draw their weapons. He looks to his mother about the time arrow sink in her back. His mother falls to the ground. Her starts to fade knowing the last slight she sees is her son being dragged away. With her last breath she faintly says you live. No one seemed to notice but the word rang loud in Mellif’s heads.

Now Mellif in Menzoberranzan as slave serving under the house Oblodra. One night he was woke from his sleep by the sound of screams. He runs to the door barely hanging to the frame lean to see what has caused this great chaos only to see horde of undead running in the streets. Door suddenly falls skeleton turns, in one quick maneuver the skeleton grabs him dragging into the street as he screams I don’t want to die. I can’t die. I must live. He turn to see the same hooded figure from several years ago. The hood figure extended a bone finger motions to skeleton. Skeleton immediately stood frozen. As the hood figure kneeled down to him, the boy could see under the hood. Eyes glowing red bone were the skin use to be. he mutters don’t worry child you will die today. I have plans for you. With flick of his boney wrist a gate appear. Come child I’ll give everlasting life. Mellif unsure if he should run, his mother’s word echo in his head again you must live. child slowly rises walking in to the gate. Mellif thinks to myself im still slave atleast this master offering everlasting life instead of beatings and stale bread.

Mellif spends the next serveral years with under his master command studied the arcane arts. Upon his birthday, he comes to his master saying I have read these tomes. none of these speak of everlasting life. His master said oh, I’ve have a most interesting gift. with a quick motion of his fingers Mellif falls asleep. A hour later he awakes strapped to table with strange arcane symbols. he asks his master what is this. Once again his master says don’t worry child I will give everlasting life. The arcane symbols move to touch his skin searing pain clouds his mind. the smell of burn flesh fills the air. His says it will be over soon. the pain begins to subside and gate opens as he flung through it. as his master says go now become strong. I will return for you as the closes. Mellif anger and confused, he pickes himself up he knows this area. He back in the underdark beneath a weird shimmering water. clearly held up by magic.