Aurum Hex

From island of Clerics & Bards
named Island of Rejuvenation
found washed ashore as a young child
never seen a other dragonborn
lived with and raised by the humans and elves that are a natural there
learned about the divine Diancecht from the clerics there
never felt alone due to the natural happiness that is from the island and people
as a teen meet a very Charming lady and found a new friend
Her name was Zhinia a monstrous Yuan-Ti with scales like mine
people of the island did not like her due to her kind spreading “plague and famine”
near sunset we met on the back side of our island but she left at sunset
one thing I noticed is that she does not care much for other humans but all ways smiled when I was around
as time pasted I learned all about medicine and about healing people
becoming an adult two of my teachers showed me a shore with a lot of wrecked boats on it
the mentors gave me my 1st ship I was very happy
until I saw it, it looked like junk
It was my duty to give this ship life once again and sail to other lands teaching others about healing
boat sank a few times but I repaired it and dragged it each time out of the ocean
Zhinia showed me how to sail near sun set and the people found out
they told me to “never see this evil being again”
after the “final” repair and a gathering of armor, food, cloths, and other stuff
the elders gave me an Amulet of Diancecht telling me “to protect it and it shall give life”
sailed from the Islands of Nelanther
headed back to the back of the island to see my friend Zhinia she gave me a Amulet of Sseth
Polished metal, outer edge is a snake with it eating its tail, inside is her picture, on the other side it has a symbol, chain/link necklace
set sail again but boat got a few holes that i had to fix or water or rain annoyances
sailed for a day and in the morning
found a gold coin at the bottom of a sand bar
turns out it was a gold crab (we are friends now and its my pet/lucky charm)
it grew fast soon being half size
sailed safely to Obsidion bay and landed in port
carrys his pet crab on his sholder due to it bring him luck

“Where ever you see life you see my church, as long as you are living you can pursue your dreams”