Rosaline / Moira

Children crying, children playing, children laughing. Those are some of my earliest memories. I was at Mrs. Anne home for orphan children since I can remember. She was an old caring widow, her own children helped at the home every other day. There was always kids from all ages, some ran away with time, some stayed until older and tried to work and repay what was given. I stayed for as long as I could stand.

I was called Rosaline, I dont know if I had that name before getting to Mrs. Anne or if she named me, but its a beautiful name I barely dare to use now.

When I was around 12, Thomas who was one of the first protegees in that house and who had taken to living deep in the forest near the town visited for the first time in years. He had followed the path of druids, and wanted to offer his services to repay Mrs. Anne care in his youth.

She requested training for me and a couple others. I guess she noticed my admiration for the forces of nature. By the end of the first year I was the only one still interested in learing, and so I moved to the forest with him to connect better with nature.

Three years passed and I found myself comfortably attuned. But still I desired more. I returned to town and asked around until I found a merchant ship that would accept me. I had a lot of jobs, cleaning, cook assistant, healer assistant. It took me a couple weeks for me to finally notice “merchants” was not really their job.

The day I noticed was when a naval officer ship attacked us and our capitan ordered to proudly fly or flag. I tried to run for cover but I slipped and fell in the ocean. I could hear my crew announce my fall but they were too busy returning fire to save me.

As I was sinking I saw a harpoon shoot in my direction. I think they where aiming to the bottom of the ship to try and sink it, but it was going to hit me before. I closed my eyes in terror waiting for my death, and when I felt a piercing pain in my shoulder I thought that was it. But death didnt came. I opened my eyes and saw a fish person on the way, the harpoon on his chest. He took the hit and it was enough to slow it down. I swimmed trying to bring air back in my lungs.

I prayed the sea to protect me, and I breached the water long enough to steal a breath. But the falling debris in fire, lost bullets, and falling bodies made it hard to stay afloat. I sunk and resurfaced so many times, each time I lasted longer under the water. I was tired, I was losing blood, and I couldnt reach the surface anymore. I was losing hope as fast as I was losing conscience. But right before I was completely engulfed by darkness I felt air meeting my face again. I could breathe, but i was no stronger than I was before, it wasnt myself keeping me from drowning. I fell unconsious feeling a glimmer of hope.

When I came back to myself I was onboard of my ship, my wound was bandaged, and some of the crew were with me. I was tolda misterious creature, known as triton had saved me and brought me on board. They thought that meant luck would be on out side as long as I was with them. Despite almost dying, this, this was what I wanted, the danger, the hope, the fear, the relief. I accepted to stay with them. I adopted a new name, I called myself Moira from that day, for I was reborn.

After almost 6 years of hard work and luck I managed to be the second mate on the ship. I was proud and wanted for no more. The comraderie in the ship, the lovers she left behind, the power in her voice, and the confidence of her superiors.

But nothing perfect last forever. Not even 3 years later we met out match. I wish I could say it was the sea, taking from us what she gave us, or that the wind decided not to guide us anymore. But it was another pirate ship. A worse one. The kind that takes no survivors. We tried everything, but the others wouldnt get close enough to board them, and wind was on their favor, their cannons hit us when we couldnt hit them. And when our ship started sinking they sailed away, not caring for our treasure or to finish off the remaining crew.

Everyone abandoned the ship. Everyone but the captain and the first mate. Their love for eachother and for their ship didnt allow them. I wanted to stay as well, but they insisted it wasnt on my destiny. A group of 5 took the only surviving boat, and the rest of us grabbed whatever piece of floating wood we could find. We tried staying together but the sea disagreed. By the end of the day I could no longer see any of my crewmates. When the night came i was freezing, and holding for dear life. I dont know how I managed to hold after I fell asleep. But in the morning I found myself near an empty beach.

I stayed around the beach and explored for a couple days. Thankfully it wasnt an empty island, and I could see a couple cities and towns in the distance. I stayed for longer, eating the fruits I could find and hoping to see other survivors. When pieces of the ship started coming ashore but no one else did I knew I wouldnt find them here.

I kneeled where the water met the sand and I prayed the sea to be kind to my friends still in the water, and I prayed the wind to guide us together, and I prayed the earth to feed them like it feed me. I stayed there for hours, until the tide started reaching my waist.

Then I took what I could make use of and ventured into the nearest city. Uo until this day Moira has been my name, but none of my friends is here to call me so, and its a somewhat known name amongst authorities, despite not being the same person I was 10 years ago I still rather use the name that was kindly given to me on my youngest days.