Ivetta Brose

Her mother was a human farmer and her father an elf bard. She was with them and her 2 younger siblings for 14 years, until a powerful man decided to abuse his power. He demanded tribute every week, quickly driving the town into poverty. Many died having to starve themselves to feed their children, her mother was one of them. Others dissapeared after they organized an attack against the man manor, her father was one of them.

She took to a bard career because she was very used to sing for her siblings and her mother when she fell ill, to calm their emotions and try to cure her. She spent 2 years making her fame in neighbouring towns until it eventually reached the Lord and she became the court oficial entertainer. Her objective was to gain the Lord and his court trust and then poison their drinks and see them die painfully for the next weeks. However after almost a 2 years at his service she grew close to his family and couldnt make herself go through her original plan.

She sneaked into his room and killed him one night. She told the woman to return what her husband took and to mend his wrong doing, or she would come back. The Lady fearfully agreed on the condition Ivetta never stepped foot again on her town. She agreed and left content with making sure her siblings were safe, in a different town, with one of their aunts. She didnt visited again, afraid to lead the Lady to them, and left to Obsidian bay, since that was the farther place she was willing to go, and decided to stablish her new home there.