Enya Brose

Once upon a time, not long ago, a very loving relationship between a celestial and a half elf blossomed, and soon fruited in a beautiful baby girl, she was concived and birthed in a dream, she lived and grew on dreams, and finally, her arrival to the terrestrial plane was announced on a dream.

Time is an odd thing, for her it had been 16 years of life, experience, for her mother it had been only one night.

The celestial plane had so much to offer, she grew appreciating arts, beauty and nature over all, liberated from human prejudice and restrictions, she explored herself and her faith, soon turning to devote herself to her patron gods, twins of similar nature:
Xochipilli,”Flower Prince” god of art, games, beauty, dance, flowers, and song
Xochiquetzal, “Precious Feather Flower” goddess of beauty, sex, crafts, fertility, dance, song, weaving, magic, and love spells,

She became a cleric for them, wearing a never faltering marigold on her hair as her holy symbol. When the time came to visit her mother she appeared just outside of obsidian bay with a clear goal on her mind, to find her family.