Ellaine Brose

Her mother was a human farmer and her father an elf bard. When she was born they thought she was a boy and named Esmund, but at the young age of 6 she let them know otherwise, her family was accepting, they were even a little glad they no longer had to buy boy clothes and she could use her sister’s hand me downs. She is the youngest of 3, and she was 11 when things went south on her town.

She didnt completely understand at the time, she just knew she had lost her mother and her father, and that it was the Lord’s fault. When her older sister started working as a bard, going to taverns in other towns, the 3 off them traveled with her, the middle one, Deasia, taking odd jobs with merchants and farmers. And herself with Ivetta, being in charge of playing the lyre on the background while she sang.

Within the first year traveling they ended up visiting the town her mother’s sister had moved to after a strong dispute involving Ellaines father, long before she was born. She later found out their aunt didn’t approve of her mother’s relationship with the elf as she thought he would be erratic and leave her eventually, she regretted her harsh word ever since but was too stubborn to retract.

They hadn’t been in contact with her but, Ivetta found her by asking and the striking resemblance to their mother, since they had been twins. Their intention visiting had been telling her the news. But after a private talk Ivetta had with her, Ellaine and Deasia, where told they would now live with their aunt.

She resented Ivetta for a while, she never liked working the farm or doing odd jobs, and they had just abandoned their own home and farm to live with a woman she barely knew. Thing got a little bit better when she found out her aunt used to be in the militia, a trained soldier who only left because her sight wasnt as sharp as needed to be. They bonded when they started training together. It was worse again when word came that Ivetta was working at the service of the Lord responsible for their parents death. She reached out to Deasia, but she had found peace on hard work in the farm and as a local merchant, and didnt had time to advise her. Ellaine then poured herself on training, learned her aunt techniques and her character rubbed off on her.

After a couple years word came out that the cruel Lord of their hometown had been assassinated in his sleep and that the court bard was responsible of so. The admiration she felt for her sister was reborn, and a couple months later, when a merchant from that passed by Obsidian bay before mentioned a bard fitting Ivetta’s appearance and skill she decided to follow her, and her path with the training she got this far.