Edimus’ earliest memory is of a savage battle of great gods unfolding before his eyes moments after breaking out of his birth shell. Not a moment after he crawled out into the world a strange blue light enveloped him then vanished. Swept from a sunny jungle coast to a cold damp room left him utterly dumbstruck.
After many decades of servitude under Master Imago he eventually found a way to sneak into his secret scrying room and find the scrying rock (a small circular rock with a hole in the center that record the scrying session) in Imagos’ library to get insight on his arrival. His discovery goes as follows.
Interior, small dimly lit circular room. A robed figure kneels in front of a circle of runes drawn on the floor.
An unknown voice speaks from out of frame.”The time has come for you to prove that you are worthy to be my apprentice”
The would be apprentice remains still.
“Cast your spell and convince me worm” the unseen voice says.
The would be apprentice responds by moving his hands and chanting in an arcane language. A flash of blue light erupts in the center of the room, then silence.
“What have you summoned, how worthy are you” asks the unseen voice.
“Its a…well master” the would be apprentice stammers, then catches his breath. “Its a turtle, Oh great master…..”
At that very moment a 12 bright blue glowing darts hit the pleading man, dropping him to the ground, dead and twitching.
“Well we shall find a way to make you useful” says the voice out of frame. Again arcane chanting is heard.
Slowly, the bloodstained and fresh corpse struggles its way back to its feat.
“Take that wretched thing back to Quismet, Ime sure she would love a snack”…………..fade out.
The following memories are of a battle with a ferocious lizard. As it turns out this was the familiar of Imago the Great, a influential wizard of Thay. Soon after being scooped up by a servant of the master, he found himself tossed into a bedchamber.
Where he unknowingly used an instinct to survive the great lizards attacks. He retreated into himself, or his shell rather, and bored the simple minded enemy out of the fight.