There was maybe something wrong with Zelias mother or maybe her father was just so hansome.
How else it could be explained that Kobold lady would fall in love with captured halfling worker?

While for rest of the tribe it might have felt abnormal or even confusing that Versi decided to take Gob as her personal house hold slave and let Gob sleep with for them it felt completly normal.
Eventually they had beautiful little baby half kobold baby, they named her Zelia.

They had wonderful family life, Gob used to tell Zelia and Versi stories of his adventures before getting captured and Versi taught Zelia everything she knew and kobold history. They did let Zelia to wander a lot in cavern but asked from her whether she could stay in close vicinity of tribe.

All in all, Zelia lived relatively carefree and happy life most of the childhood.

Still there was question nagging behind her mind why her tribe used to entrap others and why based to her fathers stories and her mothers teaching other races were so much against kobold. In the end she couldn’t resist to get answer for these questions and so she begged from her parents right to go to seek answer from outside of the tribe and after months of talking and arguing they finally gave up.

Close to their tribe’s home was huge human settlement made from stone and wood. Zelia decided to find out the truth herself. So, she took her first steps on this journey of discovery, slowly moving towards this massive stone and wood lair, nervous, scared, but determined to figure out what is real, what was truth.