Malark Buckman

Buckman Sr. was respected Knight and Elder Paladin, he also sadly was foolhardy people ready to sacrifice his own life to guard those were weaker and needed help.

Malarks father vanished when Malark was 6 year old to mission which was doomed to fail. His mother went soon after that to new marriage and to get rid of Malark they send him to cloister to learn become cleric.

Ever since 6 year old Malark has heard in his head voice which sounds like his fathers voice and because he was so adamant of this voice being real his mother cast his out as a cursed and abandoned being.

Happily for Malark Obsidian Bays orphan guild welcomed Malark and they saw him more as a blessed person and by their guide he started to train in local knighthood and in the end to become paladin.

And thus started Malarks new life in an order, waking up early at morning, learning to stand still, learning to use weapons and to take hits, learning to take everything out his body and especially how to worship his order.

While being orphan his life he never felt cast away but felt like he was accepted and welcomed member of community. Most of his childhood was actually rather nice time

As a new fledling member of knight of the chase he has promised to help those who are weak and need protection and guard peoples right to rule over themself.