Florian Nightmantle

Nothing good is ever lasting though and upon hunting beings of evil one should also be vary that he doesn’t turn to being hunted himself. That’s what happened to Guilbert and Rosaria Nightmantle… they made too many enemies, too big enemies and too vengeful enemies from those who lives in deep and dark places of earth.
For a months messengers had been gone through local orc, goblin and kobold tribes calling everybody to wage war against these deadly enemies who prevented pillaging and hunting in local areas and slaughtered masses of tribe members mercilessly.
And so on one vengeful day when Florian went to hunt (as he loved to do almost everyday… forest was nice and peaceful and closeby) it happened.
Combined armies of local tribes assaulted against manor Nightmantle, dozens if not hundred or more beings came pouring from forest.
Only defenders of manors where Guilbert and Rosaria and yet if everyone would have seen it stories and poems would have been made from it.
For hours they fought together side by side, man and wife, human and elf, even animals came to their help but alas, they were doomed from the very beginning. Fighting against dozens of attackers was impossible and so in the end due to exhaustion started to make mistakes and then it happened.
First blow hit to Rosaria, but it could have as well hit to Guilbert, it pierced Rosarias lungs but one who dropped down weapons breathless was Guilbert, seeing her one getting wounded was too much. In that moment Guilbert lost his will to live and finally felt that doom has arrived. He embraced Rosaria and pierced himself with Rosarias sword. So ended life of Rosaria and Guilbert Nightmantle.
Florian himself had been hunting during this time, while he had noticed that animals had been more scared than usually he thought that it was probably just some seasonal movement or sign of incoming bad weather.
Everything changed when he finally started to head towards home and saw smoke coming from that direction, on that very moment he dropped everything and started to run, he ran faster than never before dodging any roots almost naturally, without even realizing those even existed.
Still when he finally came to manor only thing he saw was smoldering ruins and destruction. In panic he started to search his parents everywhere.
Finally he found them mauled and impaled to crotesque position. He spend rest of day burying them and trying to put down rest of the fires.
Knowing that he didn’t had anything at all but his hunting gear and that he had to go to tell to rest of the Nightmantles family what was going on he started to move sadly and wearily towards his uncle, Robert Nightmantle who worked at obsidian bays orc slayers guild.