Kai was found floating down a river by a human woman named Kana. His birthplace and his parents are unknown. Kai is a high elf and loved his mother Kana very much. As Kai was growing up, he lived in a small village with very little population. Every week, the village celebrated and a bonfire to celebrate. He always saw the bonfire as a symbol of happiness due to everyone enjoying around it. One day, He saw his mother burn her hand on a fire while cooking something. She turned around and saw that Kai was there watching her. To show the child everything was okay, she smiled at kai assuring him that she was okay but to his eyes saw that the fire made her happy. One day, he decided to do something wonderful for his mother and while she was sleeping he set the house on fire. She woke up covered in flames, she immediately tried to run but then saw Kai standing there in the flames as he was burning, smiling at her. She sat in the flames and smiled with him as she was burning. One of the villagers saw the fire and went in the house to save them but unfortunately he was only able to save Kai. After years of recuperating, He realized that fire burns and hurts others but he did not know why his mother smiled that day as she was burning. From that point on he grew up to know as much as he can about fire spells. He wanted to purify the world with his flames and burn those that he felt needed to be purified.