Erichthonius “Eric” the Clanless
Erichthonius was born from a human father and elven mother. His parents were killed in a goblin raid when he was a baby, as they were shunned by the elves for their marriage and child, and lived on the outskirts of the village. Eric was shunned by the village, even as they raised him. The only one of the elves to treat him nicely was his mentor, who took him in after his parents died. His mentor was a cleric of the god Vulcan. He spent his days at the forge in worship to his god, creating metalwork both beautiful and deadly. Eric followed in his footsteps and trained under him to be a cleric of Vulcan. Upon completing his training, his mentor performed a ritual, teaching it to Eric at the same time so that he could one day pass it on, and a black tattoo appeared on Eric’s forearm, in the image of a sword being tempered upon an anvil. His mentor told him that it was Eric’s holy symbol. It would tell him two things: first, it would glow orange when Eric came upon the piece of ore or metal that would become his Masterpiece, and second that it would glow red once it achieved its final shape before it would dim to become a red tattoo. Now, Eric has left his home and explores and adventures in order to find his Masterpiece.