Soorani Tsinn

It was a night like countless others. The constant background noise of laughter, people moving about interspaced with the occasional scream. Smells of food, wine, sweat and blood.
They would come soon, they always did, with their sinking breath, wine-soaked words and heavy heaving bodies. They always came.
She heard the heavy foot steps the creaking of the stairs, then the slow walk down the hallway. Outside her door now, more voices and a clink of coin. Handle turned and the door swung open, large silhouette in the doorway. It took a few moments for her vision to shift. A human this time, large tall wide.
The human reached to the side and lit the torch stand, the room now bright almost warm. I watch him as he looks around my room, my world. He looks at the walls and my drawings, childlike drawing of children playing, flowers, babies prams, dolls small toys all of happy scenes’. He then scans the room, its small spars. The only furniture is the large four posted wooden bed, a chest and a small table and one chair. Crude half broken toys litter one corner, a doll, wooden three-legged horse and ragged teddy bear.
Now, he sees me. I notice the eyes always the eyes, the wanting, need, the hunger. He steps into my room and removes his shirt in one movement, throwing it to the floor, kicking off shoes and dropping weapons. He’s on the bed now climbing along it like some kind of spider, arms and legs slightly splayed.
On me now tearing at the blankets, I feel the cool air on my skin, smell his feted breath, the sink of him, the weight of him.
I know what’s coming, rough hands pain and pressure. I shift in my mind, they can’t get me in there. They can break the body but they won’t break my mind.
A scent of roses and smoke, this is new. The smell is strong, heavy it fills my nose and enters my lungs. This is not how it usually is.
“Like the young flesh do you, think you are about to have fun”, it’s a women’s voice not old, not young, it has a musical lilt to it. The man shifts from the bed turns. This woman, is standing by the far wall, away from the door, the closed door. She is tall elegant, wearing a heavy hooded cloak with a large black rat on her shoulder, she lifts a slender pale hand, it holds a engraved knife, like a kitchen knife by beautifully crafted with fine markings. The knife moves in a circle, “Touch them not, muscle and bone, move you NOT!” the women’s voice is different, it fills the room, commanding. The human freezes. She walks slowly toward him, I can see her face, she is older, but beautiful, strong eyes and a small smile on her lips. She raises her hand once more, this time a Dagger, honed and sharp. She lifts her hand to the statue like human, and slowly pushes the dagger into his chest, staring into his eyes, as her dagger inch by inch seeks out his heart. He groans and she slides the dagger from his chest. Wiping its blade in his hair.
She turns to me, I can’t breathe. “Soo, come. Your safe now child. I have come.” What is happening who is she, how does she know my name. “Soorani, now we must flee, the coven waits, your home waits, we have found you.” The shadows in the room seem to rush together, four more women and a man all in dark clothes stand before me. They vary in age, size, shape. “Come, child you are home, we are your home” I feel a sense of belonging, I want to go with these people, this magnificent woman, I need to go, must go with them. I try to stand, my legs falter. The dark man sweeps forward catches me. He is strong, but unlike the others I have met, gentle warm, sent of pine and earth.
I look back at the statue man, the glorious woman waves a hand, he crumples to the floor. I am gone, escaped, Home. That was the end of my childhood, becoming a woman, joining my coven, I came into my own, I became a binder of spirits, controller of ghosts, healer, midwife, murderer. My joy to bring a child into the world or eat one. Bless or curse, heal or poison, full moon or new moon. Desire, want, to covet, lust, need. They were my pain, now they are my weapons. I was bred to entertain. Now I entertain myself.