Perched high on a craggy wind-swept outcrop, sat a Avian humanoid, legs crossed wings outstretched fluttering in the strong wind, occasionally wholly lifting the avian from his perch. Another lone avian slowly walks up the narrow steep stair case behind him, and speaks in a musical tonal speech.
“ Yyyou have been summoned Emissary, the Patrician wishes urgent words.”
The seated avian slowly bows his head, but remains motionless
“Please, Emissary Qhuless, the Patrician is all a flutter, his mood is affecting the flock, and becoming a pandemonium.”
Qhuless beat his magnificent wings once, raising him to his feet, turned and at a measured pace walked down the narrow stairway.
The Emissary entered the auditorium, high columns surrounded the perimeter of the open area. Teraced stone lead to a stage like area at the center. Here nervously pacing was the Patrician. A glorious Crane like avian humanoid of white plumage, dressed in bright pink and gold loose fitting silk robes.
Patrician flicking his head sharply toward Qhuless, “Coowhaa, Thank you Emissary, the vision, Syranita whisper has it touched you?”
In a quick nod Qhuless answers. He reaches the stage at the bottom of the terrace’s. The Patrician fluttered her wings closing the distance to Qhuless. “HooRoua, the wind whispers”
Qhuless had received the whisper, but had not acted on it, for it was not his place to act until he was tasked. As an Emissary of Syranita gifted to High South Aerie of the Cloven Mountains, he was the eyes, ears, tongue and mind of Syranita and hence of the High South Aerie. Messenger, diplomat, investigator, envoy, protector all these where his sacred tasks.
The vision he had received was unusual in that it was so detailed. Syranita was of the wind and wing, and as is there nature spoke in hints and breezes. But this vision was more yell than whisper.
“fly north to stone and wood monolith where the wind turns foul and a man of oath turns, became a puppet not living not dead not between, cured but loathed, watch but avoided. Follow Foul wind turned salt, Island of happiness masked, evil turned placid, good warped wood, man of metal head became overlord. All watched over by a malevolent mind”
So he was flying north, hmmm but how far and into what he did not know. Snapping his head to the Patrician, “What are your direction to the Emissary, what shall you have me do in your name, how shall you have me act, what is your wished outcome?”
The Patrician stared at him with unblinking black eyes, then formally proclaimed “The Emissary shall set out in search of this debauch monolith as the envoy of the Aarakocra, High South Aerie. Contact these beings. The mission shall be three-fold. Contact for trade and alliance. Ascertain their persuasion (good, evil or misguided). Good, then warn of omen of ill wind. Evil, discover plan and disrupt / destroy. Misguided, bring back to path of righteous, if able warn of ill wind, if unable disrupt the misguided or destroy to bring back in alignment.” Patrician paused, fluttered her fine plumage, raised her hand and pointed directly at Qhuless. “Remember your tenants Emissary. Do not become corrupted say true, for Qhuless you are emissary, eyes, ears, tongue and mind of the High South Aerie. Remember:
Violence is a weapon of last resort. Diplomacy and understanding are the paths to long-lasting peace:
All people begin life in an innocent state, and it is their environment or the influence of dark forces that drives them to evil. By setting the proper example, and working to heal the wounds of a deeply flawed world, you can set anyone on a righteous path:
Change takes time. Those who have walked the path of the wicked must be given reminders to keep them honest and true. Once you have planted the seed of righteousness in a creature, you must work day after day to allow that seed to survive and flourish:
Your heart and mind must stay clear, for eventually you will be forced to admit defeat. While every creature can be redeemed, some are so far along the path of evil that you have no choice but to end their lives for the greater good. Any such action must be carefully weighed and the consequences fully understood, but once you have made the decision, follow through with it knowing your path is just.”
Qhuless, did not respond, he turned unfurled his wings and with three heavy beats lifted into the sky. There was no need to respond, since a hatchling he had lived those words. For the Patrician to recite them at Qhuless was insulting, but he held his beak for he was Emissary and outside of his direct orders what the Patrician said to him was but dirt. He lifted high into the sky seeking the thermals, once there he closed his eyes and glided, allowing the updraft to take him. Here in the wind and elements at one with the sky was his place of contact with the goddess. He reached out with his soul to her for it was her that had really sent him on this quest, not the Patrician. For, Syranita is the watcher and protector. Ancient patron of the Aarakocra. She had foreseen a great disturbance of the winds, starting as an ill-tempered storm far to the north in the land of men. Syranita predicted that unchecked this storm would spread and ultimately harm the Aarakocra. Hence, Qhuless Emissary of Syranita gifted to High South Aerie of the Cloven Mountains, was sent to investigate, ascertain, neutralize and if all fails eliminate the growing fate.