Ockah Touch’em

An ancient forest, thick, old and alive with life surrounds a small clearing. The old trees tower of the area, a wall of wood and green at its edge. In the center lays a small encampment. A light fire throwing shadows on the surrounding forest. Bedrolls and cooking utensils lay about, three figures sit at the fire. A human female, leather armour, aimlessly poking at the fire with a broken arrow. A human male, heavy plate armour, glistening from the campfire reflection, polishing a shoulder plate with a slow circling action. Finally, a giant of a man, patched hide armour, wolf skin draped across his shoulders, adorned with various feathers, claws and bones. Suntanned skin with a greenish tint, heavy gnarly beard and thick head of rust coloured hair, rolling a heavy staff between his hands.
“Hey, Ockah, let me get this right. You were told to, hmmm how did you put it?” the human female pokes the broken arrow toward the giant.
“Uh, oh yea, me mates told me to piss off, well most did. The Big Fella, was a bit more ahh, colourful with his words, like, Right, Ockah get the fuck out, an if ya come back, well I’ll be fucked if we don’t bugger you up real good, give ya the flogging of ya life. You got me mate. “the giant, a Firbolg, spoke with his head down, scuffing his large foot against the grass.
“Ok, so they told you to leave but what I don’t get is why? You said something about looking after the…. uhm what was it, the little fella’s?” the female ranger still poking at the fire.
“Yea, well oh shit ok I’ll tell ya, but I really don’t like talkin about it, still smarts.” Ockah raises his large head and leans back against his pack, puts his staff down and gazes at the fire.
I was out roamin the bush, you see, like I do only place I feel at home. I was heading to a small billabong a little ways from the river. Well as I was gettin close I could hear this yammerin, like kids fightin in the playground. Well as a got close I could see it weren’t kids but fairies, a whole bunch of em and a sprite. All screamin at each other. When they saw me the fairies all pissed off. The spirte, well she wasn’t to happy, she was cryin eyes all puffy, cheeks red. But, she was a looker, a tiny little stunner. I have never seen a little Sheila that cute. Little wings n tiny hands, great big sad eyes. I just wanted to give her a hug, a really really really big hug, I just couldn’t help it. She was just standing there, all sad, little lips a pouting. So well, ya know, I umm…………… I didn’t mean to hurt her, she was just so tiny, and she liked it when I spoke all soft to her. She ahh, well, let me pick her up. Her friends had been bullying her cause she had started to grow titties, an she just didn’t understand.
So, I said “There there, come on, you be fine. You wait when your boobies get all big all the boys will be chasin you”. She stopped cryin, rubbin her eyes, just sittin in my hands. She nodded her little head and smiled at me. I just felt so warm, all tingly inside. So, I gave her a little hug, an an she hugged me back…….at first. I just liked her so much, and I felt sad for her, deep sad, you know. When I was a little one, I remember me mates used to tease me about being slow…. I, I was smart in all, and I could feel the forest better than any of em, Ha an green magic, wow, I was great……but me mates used to call me slow….”Ockah’s a dimmy, Ockah’s a dimmy, Ockah don’t have a dad, Ockah’s a dimmy”. I remember how bad that made me feel and how much I just wanted dad to come home and give me a great be hug, an never stop.
So, I hugged her. Held her tight, told’er I would look after her, I wouldn’t run away or tease her. I well, I you know held her, and held her, and held her. She gave a little wiggle, after a bit but, you know, I just thought she was huggin me, tough she liked it. And it felt so nice just holdin her, she was so soft, so little, so fragile. I didn’t mean to hurt her, I I I loved her, I wanted to keep her safe protect her. And I couldn’t stop me self, I just couldn’t and well, you know, I ……… squeezed her tight, so tight.
She wiggled, and pushed me, started to make little noises, you know, like when you talk into ya pillow. Then she got her head outa me chest and screamed. Wow, did she scream, loud like an eagle, and she wouldn’t stop, she just kept screamin and screamin. I let her go, but she didn’t stop, she wouldn’t stop, she was so loud. An the fairies where comin back lookin, watchin. Started whisperin to each other.
I just wanted her stop, to stop the screamin, the noise….. So, I, you know, I grabbed her, said Shhh, Shhhh, shhhh. But she wouldn’t just got louder. I put my hand over her mouth, an pressed. Held it, kept it there. Until stop stopped screamin, she went soft stopped movin.
Then the Faries start screamin, “You killed her……. He killed her…. MURDER”.
I ran, just didn’t know what to do……I ran.
It was long after dark, when they found me. The Old Fella and his boys. They locked me up…… I found out the Sprite, Tissha, was her name was ok. I just frightened her, she was fine. But the other Fella’s all had a big talk and well said this wasn’t the first time, said they knew I didn’t want to hurt anyone, but it wasn’t right. I needed to learn, to grow up. And the forest ones where scared of me, so I had to go. To leave and do my growin up somewhere else.
So, yea, I left…… Makes me think of my Dad though. Sometimes I wonder if that was why he left. If it was me.
…… Anyhoo, that’s it, you know, Such is Life.