Feybrandai DeTain

Drow Druid from the Underdark, venturing forth on his “Walk About” to find his purpose and claim a domain and place protection over it.
He was raised in seclusion in the underdark by a Surface Elf Druid, and as such lacks knowledge and understanding of social graces and etiquette.

Back Story:

He remembers the warm drink his father gave him, and the tender touch he placed on his cheek. At the time it struck him as strange, maybe his Father was smoking the mushrooms again, but the look in his eye and the heat coming off his body told him it was something else..
That was the last he remembers of his sick ruthlessness family.
His new life started in the dark, the underdark. He woke only in bed clothes somewhere deep in the caverns. He wondered in a state of shock, with no sense of time or direction, until he could walk no more.
He was woken by a soft deep voice speaking in a strangely accented Elvish.
This was how he met “Aver” his mentor his guide and new father.
Aver was a Druid Wood Elf sent from the surface to care and watch the Underdark.
From 11 until 107 years, Feybrandai lived and learnt with Aver. Under his tutelage he learnt the ways of the Druids, but also the ways and customs of the surface Elves. He became an Elf in a Drow’s skin.
At 107 Aver said it was time. Time for Feybrandai to start his “Walk About”. To move out into the world and find his place. His land, his heart and calling.
So he walked and walked for days, until he reached the tunnel to the surface. To Obsidian Bay. As the blinding sun reached his eyes his thoughts swept back to that touch by his father. Why Dad? Why be so tender and then cast me out in my sleep?
With the smoke of memory in his mind he walked slowly into the burning sun drenched land toward his land his calling and his third chapter in his life.