b’Oom a’Rang srang through the jungle, nimbly jumping from tree to tree, vine to vine. Weaving through the dense foliage, the diminutive 3ft gold and black frog, focused on his destination a small clearing surrounded by verdant jungle with a small band of h’Umans gathered around a fire at its centre. b’Oom a’Rang silently took in the scene from high in the jungle canopy. Four h’Umans all wearing ridiculous metal armour sat around a small fire, two of them seemed to be female, but it was hard for him to tell these ugly creatures all looked the same to him. All of them had various pieces of there armour off and where vigorously rubbing at it, in a vain attempt to keep the rust at bay.
These interlopers were the quarry. They had defiled the sacred paths, deturbed a breeding pool, the penalty for which was death or servitude.
b’Oom a’Rang manoeuvred to within 25ft of the ugliest male and steeled himself for combat, briefly meditating centring himself. He sprang out of the wall of green arching high in the air landing directly on the head of the male wrapping his legs around the head lifting his arm high a beautifully crafted obsidian shortsword in his hand and plunged the blade downward entering the small hollow of the throat. Now he flipped himself doing a handstand posture, both hands on his sword hilt his weight pushing it home, deeper into the h’Umans chest. A bubbling noise was all the came from him. Continuing with his momentum forward b’Oom a’Rang landed on his feet in front of the slowly falling h’Uman, sliding out his blade.
The other h’Umans where reacting now, yelling and jumping to there feet fumbling for weapons. b’Oom a’Rang quickly assessed there risk, springing once more arcing over the fire landing feet first on the face of the closest h’Uman. Coiling his legs he pushed off the face twirling through the air towards the back of one of the h,Uman females. The one he had landed on looked stunned, stopping all action and just dumbly staring at the Golden Frog, the beautifully potent venom doing its work, sliding into the mind of its victim.
As b’Oom a’Rang sailed through the air toward the back of his next target, he pulled his arms tight to one side brushing the blade of the short sword against his skin, and struck, like a coiled snake little gold arm darted out. The h’Uman female was slowly turning to face her tiny attacker, the blade entered her cheek slid between her teeth and exited the other cheek. b’Oom a’Rang landed on her left shoulder and keeping momentum leaped to the next h’Uman prey, whipping the small sword out of the face of the female enlarging her mouth to be from ear to ear, she screamed and clutched her face, them the poison hit mid-scream she dropped to her knees hands at her side, blood gushing from her grotesque joker grin, and tumbled to her side.
b’Oom a’Rang’s momentum carrying him toward the last active h’Uman. This one was ready, another ugly female, it lashed out with a large axe directly downward, completely missing the frog and burying the head deep into the soft soil. b’Oom a’Rang landed lightly on the axes handle inches from the human’s hand and performed a cute little pirouette finishing standing on one leg. The h’Uman let out an ungodly scream and pulled back, blood shot high into the air, she raised her arms, staring at the stumps, her hands still holding the axe handle. then a flash of gold and searing pain in both eyes and all was black.
Landing on his feet b’Oom a’Rang looked over the battle scene. One squirming bleeding blind and handless, and one intoxicated h’Uman. Good it was done. He slowly walked to the mezmerized male “come” he croaked and walked off into the dense jungle, leaving the other writhing mess to the jungle animals.