it started off like any other day.
King John and Queen Elena (AKA mom and dad) decided to call a important meeting throughout the Kingdom.
King John lifts his fist and smashes it against the table – I said it’s forbidden to go to the surface! Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to go to the surface for anything! and I mean anything! I will not lose another child to the Savage beasts that are plaguing my sea! I decree anyone was caught going to the surface shall be put to death immediately

Queen Elena looks at her husband
Don’t you think you’re going a little bit too far? This decree shall not do – she says to her husband – so what do you propose then King John looks at his wife this decree will not start with bloodshed but with reflection this decree shall be an exile sentence

with that the meeting was adjourned, and the doors burst open

the ocean guards kneeled

sire your son is going back to the surface

King John yells fiercely – Joe what have you done you stupid child?

Joe where you going? I have to go back out there I have to see her face she’s been passing this way for the last 2 weeks now and I have yet to say a word to her

yeah right you know your dad would bust our ass if he knew we were out here

you’re right Jesse like always you damn right

every time i go out with you i end up in some type of trouble but it’s okay I can handle the it only thing I can’t handle is your dad

At that very moment the ship appears right beside them as it passes through Jessie shouts hey lover boy it’s your time go say something as he throws a seashell at the boat

what no!?
As he dives back into the water, a pirate notices the ripples.
The water is active today – get to work you scurvy dog or you’ll be sleeping with the fishes!

he Chuckles all hands on deck we can have some fun tonight

Joe turns to Jessie why the hell did you do that well someone has to give you the courage to do something or else you’re never going to do it
aren’t you?
I’ll have my time just give me a moment a moment….

you need a moment listen I make a little wager with you – by sundown tonight if you can’t muster up the courage to go and talk to her you’ll have to give up everything to do with the surface and you have to date me.

Joe looks at her I’m sorry what did you just say?

I didn’t stutter and you heard me very well.

I’m just trying to process all this I don’t see you in that type of manner you’re more like a sister to me and that’s my point. I’m willing to go and take a chance and step out of my comfort zone and ask you this so why can’t you go and do the same because they’re from the surface and we’re from the ocean – it is forbidden and yet we’re still up here above the water – don’t contradict yourself either man up and do it or you go out with me that is the deal.

fine I’ll take this deal but if I win you have to…

at that moment the guards creep up and grab both Joe and Jessie the Queen wants to speak with you Jesse and and your father wants to speak with you

you see what I mean every time – Jesse cries out – we can never catch a damn break

the guard says well when you’re the daughter of the tribes Healer and the Son of the king things don’t always tend to go the way you want to

Joe says who asked you stay out of this just take me to my father

the guard laughs – I intend to

Your Majesty we have returned …

father what is the meaning of this the meaning of this?

you want to know what the meaning of this? how many times do I have to tell you? how many times must I tell you not to go up to the surface? how many times must I lock you up?

you can lock me away father you can tell me many times I’m still going to go to the surface if you like it or not then you’ve left me no choice ….

he puts his hands to his face … I will making the hardest decision of his life. I’ve lost one of my sons and I’m about to lose another

guards heels yells take my son to his Chambers I must speak to my wife the king walks to the room where his wife and Jesse are speaking you must understand child you and your father are the only healers we have left

please do not go to the
please do not do anything rash
there’s a new law -anyone who is caught at the surface will be banished and you two were caught at the surface but we’re willing to make an exception …

just as she finishes that a sentence the king walks in

listen I’m going to do something you’re not going to forgive me for … but just know I still love you and I still love our son … Jesse puts her hands to her face … no don’t tell me… the queen looks at her husband – you’re not serious are you? I believe so. He’s just going to keep doing it and we cannot let him. we cannot let him do this any more our son shall be exiled just the mention of that hits both of their ears – Jesse begins to cry – no you can’t do this, this isn’t right.

Mind your tongue – the queen says – she’s right you cannot do this there must be another way…

there’s not. He shall be exiled tonight. Jessie and the queen begin to cry – lift your head this will be an honorable exile he should not be exiled forever

we will make it so he may return in 7 years time to take his place in the court, but for now he must venture off and the circus world for himself. he will learn in time what I’ve been telling him has been the truth.

just as it reaches midnight the City Guards release Joe

As the guard kicks Joe to the ground – you’ve been banished come back in 7 years and your banishment will be up

Joe begins to laugh – are you serious now? understanding his new freedom he rushes off to catch a glimpse of that boat one last time to see if he can see her – as he approaches the boat he hears two loud booms and men yelling – arm the cannons! ready fire! – 2 harpoons shooting into the air at that moment he notices the girl that he’s been watching the last 2 weeks fall into the ocean and at the same time a harpoon heading in the same direction … at that very moment Joe rushes to her aid and pushes her out of harm’s way the spear barely missing, hitting her in the shoulder but he took the full force in the chest – he looks to the side to see if she was OK.

He saw her bleeding but he knows she would be okay he can die in peace knowing that he protected her as he sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

The only thought he had was about her did she make it is she okay she made it I know it as he breathed his last breath and slipped out of consciousness, something unexpected happened … a dark energy awoke within him causing him to come back to life … but as something dark as his wounds healed and a dark shaped disappeared he saw her at the verge of drowning … finally he was close enough to her but he realized she was unconscious.

He grabbed her, placing one arm on her back and the other under her legs he swam up, shooting out of the water and onto the stern of the ship. At that moment all the pirates that were on the deck of the ship are staring at Joe. With all the extra attention added to him the Pirates begin to point their weapons the captain of the ship yells … Hold Your Fire!

listen I’m not here to cause any problems – I just came to return her back to your ship

Boy you are putting yourself in a very fine situation as you see we’re in the middle of a bottle.

I can help if you let me.

so well I can breathe underwater

can you?

so how do you plan on helping us?

Easy, every ship has an anchor right?


well I’ll just drop their anchor and you guys should just sail away.

you make it sound so easy – I have a better proposal for you – you take us a board that ship and you can leave with your life
OK if we’re going to do this let’s do it

She needs medical attention take her and Joe jumps into the ocean – the dark figure returns Joe’s filled with anger – in a rage Joe jumps on to the other ship – I will kill you all – Joe lifts his hand and the ocean water starts appearing into the air forming a whip – the whip whipping around the sailor’s, dragging them down to the bottom of the ocean

the captain of the ship yells – why are you doing this why are you helping them you know they’re Pirates right?

Joe answers it doesn’t matter you’re in my way – Joe grabs his Triton and throws it into the captain

Joe walks over to the captain and grabs his trident and begins pulling the captain towards the edge of the ship this ocean shall be your grave and he kicks the body off of his trade

at that moment the dark energy that was feeding him with anger and rage dissipates just snaps out of it and regains consciousness – what happened why am I on this? as he looks around and sees no one on the ship Joe jumps back into the ocean and begin swimming towards the other ship he swims upward and jumps back onto the ship looking at the captain

well there was no one on board the ship

the captain of the ship confused by his statement – well of course you killed them all!

just shocked at what he just heard – stop lying I did no such thing

alright but you did –