as a child Elijah was sheltered from his father his mother (aSona mothers name )who was a black dragon did not want elijah to become anything like his father so she went to live among the dragons that she grew up with. elijah after a few years his mother begin to see some changes in her son.
Elijah was a very fast learner picking up dragon language fairly easily as a result his mother decided to train in magic but to her surprise her son wasn’t really good at it casting spells or showing any magical properties at age 21 his power woke and a blast of acid covering half of the town Astound people ran to find out what was going on Elijah slipped into the shadows and was able to slip away running to his mother not aware that a gray Dragon had been in town observing everything that had happened the gray Dragon followed Elijah all the way to his mother the Gray Dragon demanded that he be executed for the murders that he had committed outraged by what she had heard

She turned to her son what did you do boy Elijah turn to his mother I don’t know what happened I went into town to study the townspeople when i accidentally bumped into a Dorf he pulled a knife to my through and began saying I’m going to kill you .you abomination the more in raged in Anger he be he became the more fearful I became until I exploded all the buildings around me we’re covered in acid all the people around me disintegrated by the acid on top of them afraid of what I’ve done I ran not looking back at all the destruction I had caused you see your son admits to his crime Elijah’s mother turn to the gray Dragon no crime has been committed my son was merely defending himself as she stomped her Mighty foot against the ground I suggest you leave before you break the Treaty of the black dragon the gray dragon spits acid at Elijah Smothers foot fine This Means War I shall be back and seven years time with my Army to take over the land as he finishes the last sentence he swings his tail at Elijah throwing him back into a rock where it knocks Elijah out his mother ran to her son’s side a week has passed and Elijah has finally woken up his mother says to him go to obsidian Bay and find your father see if you can train you child I can no longer train you in the way of the Dragon your powers have awoken the only person that can help you with your training is your father go and do not return until you found your father and trained with him B off my son .what’s my father’s name Elijah asks Kakashi his mother replies and one more thing my son your dad can be a bit of a pervert so don’t follow in his footsteps