Cain (The Dark)

Cain is deadly with his bow and deft with his hand, Cain is always listening and only speaks when he has something worth saying…Though Cain may seem like he is just going through life looking for the next opportunity to exploit or anything situation that might pique his interest; his true desire is to find a way to bring his beloved back, no matter the price.
And this is his story so far…

Cain is a pretty jaded rogue. To the best of his knowledge he is a dark elf(wood elf in reality, born from the forbidden love of two house slaves and kept as a substitute for the Matriarch’s 3th stillborn child), who having been born with pale skin was given the name “Endar’waessuth” meaning “Different-skinned” in the Drow language. While facing much discrimination, Endar’waessuth still managed to become the best warrior in his house by the age of 30 and was even put through “Lolth’s Test of Mettle” by the age of 50. But surviving wasn’t enough, Endar’waessuth was used as an excuse for the assassination of his “mother” (The house’s matriarch) and left for dead in the Underdark’s caverns. For weeks Endar’waessuth fought through all kinds of horrors and transversed the labyrinth of caves nearly losing his sanity. Finally he emerged in a dense forest, it was here were he collapsed. Fortunately not too long thereafter a beautiful human woman named Loren stumbled upon him, feeling pity for the young elf she took him in. Loren nursed him back to health of 3 days, once Endar’waessuth came to his senses, she renamed him “Cain”; Mainly because his name was more complicated than she cared to learn. Endar’waessuth embraced his new given name, and with the march of time passion between the two grew. Over their years together Cain learned a great many things from Loren; from what it meant to love someone and be truly loyal, to seeing the world from a cynical and distrusting point of view but never allowing it to show through. Though she rarely spoke of her past, with enough time and trust Cain learned that she had been an infamous master thief who by the age of 20 had already taken enough to live comfortably for two lifetimes; having lived an extravagant life Loren was also able to teach Cain about the finer things in life. Cain was a fast learner, and was most keen in picking up the thief trade and how to turn and impossible shot into a fatal arrow strike. After having a life together for 60 years, Loren passed away at the age of 81……And so Cain set out into the world with Loren’s memories and lessons close to his heart and her bow in hand.