Ashley (Ashen)

Ashen was born to a half orc mother and wood elf father in a seemingly perfect universe. For the first five years of her life, her mother and father fought heroically to grow in power and became highly regarded as lovers and warriors.

One day under a perfect blue sky, the wind smelled of something. This was a brand new experience for Ashen. Somehow her mother had forgotten all about the sense of smell that had been lost for as long as she could remember. Smell brought back memories that shook her to her core, but simply confused young Ashen. With tears in her eyes, mother Mouse scooped up her child and went searching for the source of the smell that brought up dark and distant memories of a life she had not been able to remember. With tears in her eyes, mother mouse held her child close and told her that she was sure that she was real, because she could smell her. “You might be the only thing that is real in this world, and I will never give up on you.”

This was the moment when the perfect world that they had known started crashing down around them. Her mother ran from everything they knew and was hunted by the perfect warrior companion she had known for the last 5 years. When the apparition that called itself Cain appeared before her, Mother Mouse brought her rage to a boil and destroyed the evil thing that had been lying to her for so long. A cascade of problems in their fictitious universe tore open the lie and revealed the truth.

The actual evil was a mindflayer known as Harvey Mindstein. He had trapped her in one of his simulacrums in order to fork the timeline that she was an important part of. He had played a cruel trick on Ashen’s mother, as an attempt to use Ashen to hurt her father, whom she had only known as a simulated being.
The next few years were hell for the young mother and child, as Harvey Mindstein’s minions kept her in a prison that was separated from both the false life she knew and the real life that was somewhere else, on another plane.

Until the day Jot appeared.
Smashing through a wall with a hammer of Thunderbolts, Jot lifted his visor and cast a sleep spell in Dr. FrankNFurter’s voice. When the mother and daughter awoke, they were in a grand library, surrounded by celestial beings. The air smelled real, but they were on yet another plane.

Ashen was offered everything she could ever ask for from the celestial beings who operated this “Library of Alexandria”. They had amassed knowledge from many different cultures. They were experts in time travel and could speak for hours about forked timelines and the significance of certain individuals. Ashen came to learn that she was one such individual, and that her life had meaning. This knowledge did not satisfy her. She still yearned for the beautiful fantasy of her Mother Mouse and Cain, even though it was just a lie meant to delude a young barbarian half orc mother. There was something beautiful in that lie.

Ashen wanted to know for herself what brought her life into being. She didn’t care about the risk and fought against all advice from the angels that protected the Library of Alexandria. Even though she was risking everything, she wanted to know who her father really was and demanded that they put her back where she came from, even though the forked timeline could never be repaired. She had learned enough to know that it was her right to demand and it was her will to know the life that was stolen from her first hand.

Ashen has power that she doesn’t need to understand. She takes knowledge for granted because she has lived in the center of a grand lie that taught her something beautiful about reality. Her truth is found in being. The only way for her to live with this truth is to stop standing on the great galactic sidelines and to place herself in harm’s way. The unknown is greater than the sum of all knowledge