Ari was born to a loving and caring family that always supported him. When he told them he was heading out to the OC they couldn’t help but show their worry and dismay. With a warm family hug and a bittersweet goodbye he was on his way to a new life.

Upon entering the city walls Ari was awestruck by the busy streets and so many people in the same place; or as he put it in one of his many letters to his parents “people are living on top of each other”. As he looked around this metropolis one group of people stood out to him… The City Guard… the keepers of the city and protectors of the law. It was right there and then that Ari knew exactly what he had come to the OC.

Having never trained in combat a day in his life the academy was not easy for him, but he gave it his all every step of the way. Ari could already imagine his parents faces filled with pride after learning he was an official member of The City Guard…And so they were after reading his letter ending in “P.S. This is the first day of my life and I could have never made it here without your love and support. ”

As the seasons came and went, Ari realized that the life of a city guard might not be what he envisioned. Stationed as a warden in a prison with no criminals, the days seemed to just waste away. Filing paperwork for people that would never come and asked to ignore those who did. Until the day those so called “adventurers” came through the door on that cursed night. They spun lies and offered bribes, made promises and asked for empathy. Little did Ari know this night would take everything that he had worked so hard to accomplish and ultimately change his life forever.

It’s been many moons now since Ari’s parents heard from him. As they lay awake in the frigid country nights wondering what has become of their beloved son, they hoped he had forgotten them due to his success in the big city rather than having become just another foolish soul with good intentions swallowed up by the OC.