Dr. Frank N Furter has run over 300 characters through the “Goblin Hole” here in Obsidian Bay. This one shot adventure is a tricky tactical cave that teaches the basics of squad tactics, 3/4 cover, and the importance of minions. The City Guards will punch anyone in the face for claiming that there are goblins in Obsidian Bay. Someone keeps stocking up the goblins in the goblin hole.

For most adventurers new to the big city, The Welcome Wench Inn is an easy hook. Ostler Gundigoot has been around adventurers since the days of the Temple of Elemental Evil. I play Gundigoot as the embodiment of what Gary Gygax meant to those of us who wanted to give life to a fantasy universe.

Behind the Welcome Wench is Druid’s Grove. Nearby is the Poorman’s Guild. The City Guard fights bandits held up in remote moat houses, and then holds the territory by rebuffing future attacks. Rogues practice their art through sleight of hand and stealth missions. There is an underground fight club below the Black Blade and Bloody Boar that our characters often fight in for profit. We have developed functional ship to ship combat. Shipping is necessary for our black market health potion facility. We have a wide range of milestone adventures that have been thoroughly play tested in this open world.