Mahaziya had a special baby.

Mahaziya stole her way to the fissure in the middle of Obsidian Bay. Lostivius had told her that there was access to the underdark beneath the lake that appeared in the middle of town. This oddly shaped pool of water always has a guard present, and is clearly marked “no swimming”. Using her innate ability to detect magic, Mahaziya scanned the water feature, searching for a clue to the underdark that was rumored to be nearby.

As she was busy trying to unwrap the riddle, a city guard approached her, offering aid to a pregnant elf.

“It’s a beautiful night, isn’t it? – Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I’m just taking in some fresh air, thank you.”

“You can’t be too careful nowadays, We have two reports of goblins in town. 500 Gold Pieces each!”

“You don’t say.”

Mahazia paused and considered the opportunity that had presented itself. She desperately needed to get rid of this helpful guard.

“Do you mean the goblin they found just around the corner?”


“Of course, three blocks over, I heard some people talking about seeing a goblin, and they were trying to trap it.”

“Ma’am, I didn’t know about that, but I should head over and investigate right now!”

And with that, Mahaziya was free to continue her search for the rumored access to the underdark.

In a dark corner of the water feature, she could see how the fissure had opened up and had extended beyond the limits of the illusion of the pool of water. When she was close enough, she could detect magic emanating from a crack just large enough for a pregnant elf to pass back through to the underdark. As casually as she could, she lowered her fully stretched out form behind a bush and started to climb down a cliff wall that passed beyond the illusion of a lake.

The darkness reminded her of home. This terrifying place could have danger at any moment. She centered herself on her will and found the strength to take the risk that she had to take. As dangerous as this was, it was safer than revealing her truth to anyone else. She was not a moon elf, she was Drow; her child was the product of her union with the devil Mammon. Either of these truths could mean death to her and her child.

After an hour, she found her way to a cave that seemed to offer safety. She explored the space and decided that she could go on no further. Her water had already broken, the child was ready to be released.

At this moment, two figures appeared from the shadows. Terror would have overcome her if she were not already given to the process that was happening within her.

“Who are you?” The first shadowy figure asked.

“I am Mahaziya, I am giving birth right now.”

“She’s ready.”

“Who are you?”

“We are Shadar Kai.”

The Shadar Kai stepped out of her sight, on either sides of the cave that she was in.

Mahaziya laid down on a rock, wrapped the chain around her legs; the chains restrained her, which gave her comfort. She placed the book inside her mouth, which stifled her moans and allowed her to breathe. She took the blade and cut her skin, dropping blood into her mouth.

Whatever it was inside her started moving, working its way through her, erupting her body in pain. Instead of screaming, she chanted the name “Mammon, Mammon, Mammon”. The pain became a sacrifice and a gift that gave her strength to endure more and more pain. The pain gave way to a euphoria when the child was revealed. Stretching out its wings, it launched itself at the mother and she instinctively offered a piece of her body, a nipple that had appeared beneath her armpit. The imp drew directly from her life essence and she gave herself to it willingly.

“Your name is Uttu; you are my revenge.”

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  1. Congratulations Mahaziya 😀

    Wonderful roleplaying and nicely handled situation. It really made class and subclass choice to make more sense and feel way better attuned to world.

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