The making of a Warlock

Somewhere between the meta of the real and the unreal, a vision appeared of a purple stone. The Obsidian Bay gang have been hanging out in the VR laboratory of the Wizard’s guild lately. Ian is researching ways to restore Mordenkainen’s mind and has organized adventures based on items that hold memories of his amazing life. An old pair of socks have been used as objects for legend lore to work its deductive magic on. From this spell, Ian has organized a fantastic adventure for the gang to play out as if they were the legendary team of wizards, cleric and fighter. There are secrets to be found in this mystery. As the OC crew lift their heads out of the Helms of Virtual Reality and prepare to eat, they all see Ian joyful and triumphant.

“I’ve got it.”
He raises his fist triumphantly.

“You’ve happened upon the first warlock.”
He takes the helm from Cain and sets it down on the arm that holds it, allowing him to raise up from his resting position.

“That’s why this is important, this is much more than wizard training. You are all discovering something precious about the world that Mordenkainen created by his discoveries.”

He stands up and looks around the room.

“Don’t let what I am telling you interfere with your reactions in a meta way. Just try to survive the encounter. Mordenkainen already did. Your persistence has allowed me to arrive at an amazing revelation. You are witnessing the first of the Warlocks in the Faerun. In the time that this was created, there were no Warlocks. I can tell you that where you are going is leading you toward an amazing discovery of how the Warlock operates.”

Ian pauses.

“This might not mean anything to you, but when I was watching over your training, I realized that what is happening here is significant in more ways than you might care to understand. If you do, pay close attention to what you are seeing play out in front of you. The enemy that you are engaging does not know what it is that they are doing, but what they are doing has incredible implications for how we relate to the fiends that operate just outside our plane of existence.”

Ian motions to leave.

“I just wanted to see your faces when you stepped out. Live your experience as if it were the very first time. Someday, we might restore the mind of the mad mage. Thank you for your excellent work. I know how real it feels in there.”

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