OBS Chaotic Evil Session 1.1

Ari was amazed at this thing they called a comic book. He couldn’t believe the title when he read it. “How to level up your werewolf form in a super-meta way”. This comic book thing perfectly captured something he was totally worried about at the present moment. The leveling up stuff made no sense. It talked about hit points and things in a way that didn’t seem necessary at all. What he understood is that he had to fight. He had to fight with another werewolf. He had recently found out that he was sleeping in the same cell as a werewolf. Somehow this excited him because he realized that he didn’t have to feel shame about what he knew he was around this person.

Kind of.

He knew he knew more than he was admitting to himself for at least one murder more than he was letting on… to himself. At least in the backstory that he could remember. It is all easier to remember when he simplifies it.

All of a sudden, things became too meta and he found himself waking up into his cell, looking at Everard sleeping across the room. For as long as Ari was willing to remember, he feared the thought of leaving himself alone with another human being.

He knows his innocence is a lie woven in fey magic to protect him from the truth. He can fiercely fight as a creature from another part of reality as if it were an extension of him.

And he likes it.

He likes to know that he is alpha. Everything needs to know what alpha is, and He is it.

“Yes you are, Ari.” The Inquisitor says.

Ari looks up at the Inquisitor, and asks
“This is the part where I go to sleep, right?”

“Yes, Ari”

Mahaziya and Lostivius walked around the city. Mahaziya was looking for an interesting cult. Lostivius knew of a few cults and some rumors. The Cult of People who Give People Dirty Looks has terrible leadership and is especially vulnerable. It’s members are cult cultists, they hang out with cults that are new and jump from cult to cult with regularity.

The Cult of the Eternal Flame seemed interesting. They made their way there and met Murnau. He was interested in knowing more about Horus. He invited them to his next bonfire.

He also mentioned something about a wounded red dragon that they were interested in. She had recently laid eggs, and the cult was offering a reputation contract for anyone who could secure the eggs. Making new Dragon Knight hatchlings available for the cult would buy a lot of power.

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