Mystery mysteries!

A new warlock appeared in the Welcome Wench tonight. Strangely, Gundigoot wasn’t prepared to meet him in front, casually smoking a spliff. He usually has an uncanny sense about new adventurers in his part of town. He recognized something familiar about this dragonborn. He has seen this warlock before.

Forte was quick to jump on the opportunity to greet a stranger. In this place, he felt familiar enough to greet even a red dragonborn as if they grew up together. Shinzo cosied up to the stranger, also knowing that the crew they ran with was strong enough to rebuff any unfriendly behavior. The casual attitude here is purchased with the potential of overwhelming force. Strangers are treated with ease, because these are the halcyon days of Obsidian Bay.

Sarmenti tricked Forte into saying that he didn’t like Thorgath’s cooking. Thorgath popped rage and hopped over the bar, dashing toward the sound of someone complaining about his food. With a half orc goliath breathing heavily in his face, Forte managed to get him to lose his rage by blathering for a couple of rounds. Everyone reassured Thorgath that his food was beloved in this place.

Sarmenti changed the mood by introducing a challenge. “Go to the house of the red sash, and I will reveal a mysterious mystery!” Everyone in the bar was interested. They didn’t need much of an excuse to go to the house of the red sash. It was next door, and is a popular brothel. Sarmenti led the group to the madame, and explained that they were here for the mysterious mystery tour. The madame offered Sarmenti his choice of the ladies, and he quickly disappeared in the back room for his own mysterious mystery.

The next few minutes left the adventurers alone with some lovely ladies. Most checked their charisma and tried out some lines on the ladies who all warmly accepted their advances.

Before they could take their conversations to the next level, a hag entered the room. She had brought the answer to their mysterious curiosities. “Come with me boys”, she said. “We’ll discover what is going on here.” She led them into the back rooms, uncovered the bedcovers and pulled up the sheets. She pondered over every stain and dropping on the sheets, sniffing them deeply and sharing her fascination with the boys. They also imbibed deeply the musky, human smell of sex in the linens. They all imagined what could have made such markings and left such a record of its crossing. What came here and left? “Something salty!” Thorgath said. Thorgath was inspired immediately to make a big steak dinner for Sarmenti with a mystery sauce as a memory of this adventure.

Even though the mystery was not solved, everyone learned something important this night. The best mysteries reveal deeper mysteries….

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