Ranger Danger!

“Nobody talks anymore, they just…”

Florian had noticed that the bandits left a trail through the forest that he could follow. He brought this up to a few fellow adventurers in the Welcome Wench. Cain thought that the trail might lead to the goblins that had two 500GP bounties. Qhuless was quick to point out that the bounty required that they be captured alive. Cain hadn’t noticed the fine print, but he didn’t think it was a big deal. A team was organized and the party returned to the place where the trail began.

A Jackal ran across the trail, followed by some wolves. The wolves caught it and killed it on the other side of the trail.

Florian took to the woods. As he was hiding, he encountered two Dire Wolves.

Matauranga sent Rumple to scout ahead. Peering through the bat’s senses, Matauranga had blindsight via echolocation. He could sense the small group of goblins and hobgoblins arguing about where best to locate their ambush.

The party decided to break up and have Ashen distract the bandits while Cain approached from the rear.

Florian found himself flanked by a brown bear and two black bears, whom the brown bear regarded as her cubs.

The goblins wasted no time dropping arrows on Ashen before listening to anything she said. She was dodging, but one managed to hit, breaking her concentration on her shield of faith. She’s still confused about what that all means, she simply didn’t feel as lucky as she did.

Two Hobgoblin Iron Shadows dropped out of the shadows and flanked Cain, attacking him with 4 unarmed strikes at advantage each. Cain was almost incapacitated by their attacks.

Zelia provided her healing spirit and Unicorn totem, after a few rounds, Cain was healed up to half his health.

After a few rounds of fierce fighting, the enemy was reduced to a single goblin and a hobgoblin captain.

Qhuless took the goblin for a quick flight, asked him if he wanted to fly on his own and the goblin started telling him everything he wanted to know.

“We’re here, on the run from Lazarus’s forces”

Qhuless reminded the party that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

The party decided that they wanted to talk to the leader of the group that had broken ranks with Lazarus’s army.

A hobgoblin had returned to the army dressed as a woman. She demanded that the others refer to her in the feminine. She had been captured in the goblin hole, hogtied and dumped in the basement of the welcome wench. There she was interrogated and released outside the city. In order to protect the hobgoblin from being attacked by the citizens, Sarmenti dressed her up in a woman’s outfit and wore his harlequin mask to distract any onlookers. Once outside the city, Stephanie made her way home. Experiencing life as a woman changed her, and she shared that experience with the goblins and hobgoblins that she returned to. She had to fight for acceptance, but once they found out that the mission in the goblin hole was a death sentence, they broke ranks and followed this woman hobgoblin.

Lazarus is buying the dead goblins and hobgoblins from the Orc Hunter’s guild and is fashioning them into his own army of undead. He has a black and white film processing lab that is replacing their organic materials with silver halide particles, creating constructs from the bodies that are no longer sensitive to light. No one knew where the adventuring goblins and hobgoblins were going to, so no one questioned his ultimate goal. Sending goblins off to fight using his teleporting powers seemed like a normal thing for an evil necromancer to do.

Stephanie changed everything for this group of goblinoids.

Now the OC gang knows a little bit more about Lazarus’s intentions.

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