The Poorman’s Guild needed help with their bandit problem

Master Gilbert needed a group of adventurers to help with some bandits who were harassing shipments to needy villagers. The adventurers agreed to hide under a tarp in a wagon to protect the villagers.

On the way there, a death dog stood in the road. A couple of adventurers tried to approach him, but they weren’t so good with animal handling at that moment. The rest of the trip was uneventful.

The return trip was different. Hobgoblins and Goblins attacked! A Hobgoblin Iron Shadow attacked Florian the Ranger and reduced him to one hit point.

Zelia the Druid created a Unicorn totem that increased her healing powers and also healed Florian. The Barbarian popped rage and began fighting with the Hobgoblin Iron Shadow. The adventurers flanked him and quickly took him out of combat.

Chris the Moon Druid conjured up two Crag Cats and wild shaped into a Crag Cat himself. All of the goblins and hobgoblins that had shown themselves retreated back into the shadows. The forest was silent. The adventurers started chasing the enemy into the woods. As soon as they started to get separated, they realized the problem and regrouped behind some stones on the side of the road. Ericthoneus, Lani, and Shinzo decided to ride the Crag Cats to seek out the goblins hiding in the shadows to the east.

Before they left, Erichthoneus told Lani that he had something to show her. He had fashioned a small platinum ring that he gave to her. Lani blushed every shade of color that she had. He explained that he shared a similar ring that allowed him to give her a +1 to her armor and resistance to every kind of damage.

He didn’t mention that he took the damage that she was resistant to, because he didn’t want her to worry about him.

The cats were amazing at smelling the goblins in the woods. When they found a goblin or hobgoblin, they killed them. Thorgath kept seeing another Iron Shadow just as it jumped into a shadow and reappeared somewhere else. Zelia the halfling / kobold druid rode on Thorgath’s shoulder, 9 feet high.

When they were the furthest away from the basecamp of the poorman’s guild members and Ivetta and Ellaine, a goblin ran across the road and jumped on Ellaine, attacking her with a scimitar. Three Hobgoblins attacked with their longbows, dropping martial advantage with every attack.

Zelia had a trick up her sleeve. She had a charm of animal conjuring that was a gift from the Chwinga in Druid’s Grove. She conjured up four Giant Wasps. The wasps flanked two Hobgoblins and one shotted them.

Shinzo was riding up to attack the three hobgoblins on the back of his crag cat. The cat dashed almost 80 feet, and Shinzo lept into battle, releasing a ki point and attacking three times. He didn’t get a kill, and right then the Iron Shadow that had been seen in the woods attacked him, dropping him to half his health in one round. Shinzo spent another ki point in his attack, attempting to stun the Iron Shadow. He missed with his attack. Everyone else showed up at the end of this turn, and the enemy used expeditious retreat to double his movement speed and dash away quickly.

He wasn’t quick enough for the giant wasps. By the time he got to the end of the road, they had caught him and poisoned him to death.

Everyone returned to the Welcome Wench as heroes.

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  1. I still think that best part of adventure for me was Zelia rode on Thorgaths shoulder excited and happy patting Thorgaths head with joy and giggling happily.

    I think that Zelia found new person to follow and be closeby 🙂

    I have to say though that everyone was wonderful at roleplaying their characters, especially Lani and Eric were awesome.

    Oh and whole roleplaying session was wonderful and great fun. I think that everyone got what they wanted out of it 😀

    Also Giant wasps are terrifying animals… with conjure animals they can move up to 110 feet on their first turn and if they hit (+4 to be able to hit) that hit then kills almost anybody at these levels. Of course they are fragile beings but then again sometimes you need glass cannons to finish things 😉

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