OBS Chaotic Evil Session 0

Chastity found herself in the Griffin District, playing her usual con. Unfortunately for her, the man she made didn’t need another woman as his beard. Her attempt to pick his pocket sent her sprawling across a busy intersection. She dashed away, ducking for cover multiple times until she found herself hiding in a trash can. The guards watching over the only exit to the city proper will be watching for a goblin girl, posing as a gnome. The future is looking bleak for this green, yellow eyed beauty.

In the Amble Theatre, Kendrick prepares himself for his performance as a goblin in tonight’s “Death of a Merchant”. Instead of applying makeup to make himself look more like a goblin, he applies makeup that looks flawed. He places a rubber nose exactly like his nose on his nose. He is nervously hoping that the audience or the other actors accept that he is a gnome, playing a goblin. The truth of his goblin self must remain a secret hidden within his performance within a performance on the stage of his life. At that moment, he wonders where Chastity is; she never misses the show.

Plirt is busy with his royal court. His kingdom requires attention at every waking moment. It is important that he maintain order and discipline, or dogs will become cats, cats will become dogs and nothing will mean anything anymore. He fantasizes deeply about the future of his kingdom while the single member of his court rubs his feet.
“We are worth 500GP, Beetlebum. This is only the beginning. Our kingdom will multiply. All I need is my queen.”

“Yes, master… but we are hiding out in ancient ruins, and you have a 500GP bounty on your head.”

“Don’t forget that any of them will be happy to turn you in for that bounty! Those light lovers can’t tell the difference between any of us. All they want is someone to blame for the fire that destroyed the Orc Hunter’s Guild. Someday, Beetlebum, you will understand my grand plan. Do you understand the power of fame?”

“No, master”

“Less talking, more rubbing, Beetlebum”

Somewhere on the docks, a human rogue considers his future. He has made some coin killing someone for a tough gang, and he thinks that finding a goblin hiding in Obsidian Bay might be the next big thing for his future. 500GP could buy him some respect….

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