OBS Chaotic Evil Session 0.2

Marquis Claude Felix Laurent Belrose-Carver was captivated by some lovers on the grassy knoll at the base of Griffon Tower when a small gnome ran up to him and fell down awkwardly after brushing against him softly. Most men would be charmed by an act like this, but the Marquis is no fool. He hates both sexes equally. He was sure that she had tried to pickpocket him, and failed. She looked beautiful laying helpless, sprawled out in front of him. His jealousy of this lovely creature was now his protection.

Immediately he realized that his lifelong disgust of any form of compassion had uncovered a sinister plot from this little woman who was vulnerably laying in front of him.

He reached out and grabbed her as she ducked out from under her cloak, revealing the whole of her curvy green form. As she dexterously dashed away from him, he was amazed – she was a Goblin, not a Gnome! He readied a spell slot and fired sleep at the space that he saw her last. Six people in a crowd all fell over, asleep where they had stood. He is not able to restrain his warlock power, so the spell went off full blast. When he arrived at the scene, his goblin prey was not among the fallen townsfolk. The city guard were breathlessly standing beside him, curious about the pandemonium that had just erupted in the heart of Obsidian Bay, the Griffon District.

“Claude, what happened”

“How dare you address me so casually!”

“I’m sorry, Marquis – what happened?”

“A goblin tried to pickpocket me, and then caused these people to fall asleep.”

“But there are no…. I mean if there are… Should we look for a goblin in Obsidian Bay?”

“How dare you question my word!?” “You see that we have posters searching for a goblin who burned down the Orc Hunter’s Guild! Of course there are Goblins here, one just tried to pickpocket me!” “And then caused these people to fall asleep!”

“Please accept my deepest apologies, what can I do?”

“We should search for her now!”

The Marquis spent the next few minutes pretending not to stare at the lovers on the grassy knoll, and then expressed his frustration that the guards were not able to find the goblin that he was now consumed with finding.
“There must be more that can be done! I am royalty!”

“Sir, we can bring you to the wizard”

The wizard took the cloak that the goblin left behind and cast portrait, a spell from the book of lost spells. After ten long minutes, a form was drawn of the last image that the Marquis had seen. A goblin girl, curvy and sexual was shown. What was revealed was his own projection of the person, the wizard explained as the audience was taken aback by the overtly sexual nature of the drawing.

The wizard was doubling down on his statement as the Marquis grabbed the portrait and demanded that a reward be placed on this goblin girl! He wanted her alive. He wanted her brought to him for questioning. She might have something of his, or she might have been sent to steal from him directly, and he had a right to know. They offered 100 GP, 200 GP, but he demanded more! There was another goblin that was offered 500GP, this one was just as big a threat, he demanded.

Begrudgingly, they relented to his demands.

Synch stood in front of a wanted poster and decided that he should try out his connections one more time. 500GP could earn him some respect. He tried everyone he knew before he headed down to the docks to see Knuckles. He still owed Knuckles 10GP, and he didn’t want to hear about it again. When he got there, Brak the Dwarf was making some excuse about money he owed Knuckles. Knuckles laughed at Synch and said, “Why don’t I have you two fight it out right here for my amusement, the loser has to pay both debts. That would entertain me, and I wouldn’t have to send someone to break your legs. You could do it to yourselves.”

Synch immediately started intimidating Brak, Brak didn’t know what to say, he was caught off guard. After several rounds of fierce fighting, both were bloodied and the goons stopped Synch before he landed a deathblow on Brak. Synch was out of debt, and had earned a modicum of respect from the Half Orc Knuckles and his thugs.

Synch had a good day.

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