Gundigoot wonders if the adventurers will ever return with his brandy

Today, Florian Nightmantle and Tobias Moonshadow arrived in Obsidian Bay. The City Guard informed Florian that his uncle, who was the last of his family, was killed recently. Florian’s uncle was killed saving lives in the Orc Hunter’s Guild fire. The fire was started by a mysterious goblin that was able to immolate himself at will. The two new adventurers met Gundigoot and he invited them into the Welcome Wench for Goodberry mead and the best biscuits and gravy in Obsidian Bay.
Gundigoot convinced Cain to get the adventurers to invade the Goblin Hole in order to change the somber mood. Cain knew what to do. He offered the new adventurers a hook and they took it. The entire bar emptied out, and 6 people were enroute to the goblin hole.

Gundigoot watched them leave, wondering if they would ever finish the mission he had asked them to do for him 4 months ago. Would someone please save his brandy from the bandits?

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  1. I think that what describes this adventure perfectly is: “Tobias Moonshadow wonders to what he got himself this time, it’s like everyone around him would be evil and he himself is only good thing” ;P (sorry I can’t remember exact sentence but it was even better)

    I mean, we had it all in this one… persons who cooked goblins to try to attract other goblins attention, person who congratulated others for setting goblins to fire in the middle of filthy goblin cave, Druid who went from all spiders to all crag cats and just maimed heck out of goblins and so on…

    and for players it had loads and loads of laughter 🙂

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